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Stump Removal Service in Ashburn, VA

Ashburn Tree offers Stump Removal service in the Ashburn Virginia area. Stumps can be very difficult to remove. Even a tree as small as 1 inch diameter (DBH) can require hours of hard work to remove using hand tools. Whether in conjunction with a Tree Removal, or as a standalone project, Ashburn Tree can remove any size stump, for any purpose.

Stump Removal

Why Remove Stumps

Most homeowners in Ashburn and the surrounding area opt to have stumps removed whenever a tree is removed. One reason is that most HOAs around here require it. Other reasons to remove a stump include: Planting a replacement tree - it would be impossible to plant a tree in the same place without removing the stump; aesthetics - a tree stump is considered unsightly, and detracts from a nice lawn or landscape; return growth - often, a stump left in the ground will grow new shoots that will be difficult to remove; tripping hazard - a stump can be a nuisance or a risk for injury; structural repair - if a driveway, walkway, or patio has been damaged by tree roots, the stump will need to be removed to proceed with repair; construction - building an addition, deck, patio or walkway may require removal of trees and stumps.

When to Remove Stumps

The first and most common reason is that tree stumps are unsightly. Stumps can make a beautiful yard look shabby. Tree stump removal is an effective way to improve the look of your yard rather quickly.

Many people decide to remove tree stumps when looking to sell their homes so that their houses look as presentable as possible. Not to mention that for the serious landscape enthusiast, stumps take up yard space that could be better used for new growth or more interesting features.

Once you’ve spoken to a licensed professional about how to get rid of tree stumps and roots, you might even want to start with a sprout for a new tree! The possibilities are endless. So if your yard is starting to look a little unkempt, it might be time to invest in stump removal.

How to Remove Stumps

Ashburn Tree’s stump removal process: We use a stump grinder to grind the stump and roots into chips. Some dirt is excavated in the process. A mixture of dirt and chips is returned to fill the hole. Excess chips and larger pieces of debris are removed. The surface is graded smooth, leaving a small mound. This may settle, but will not likely sink below the surrounding area. This process yields a high quality result, consistent with industry standards. Optionally available is additional finishing with top soil, grass seed or sod, or premium mulch. Changes to soil chemistry in the chip-soil mixture call for some minor adjustments to fertilization when planting new trees and shrubs, or grass seed.

Ready to Move Forward?

How does is work? To move forward with a stump removal project, the first thing you should do is request a quote. Ashburn Tree’s Quote Request form collects contact info and basic details about your project. This is received by an arborist who will come out to look at the stump(s). If you are available when the arborist is there you are welcome to come out and ask questions, and point out any concerns. You may request an in-person meeting to ensure you have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, and the arborist may have questions for you at the time of the site visit, but this is not always necessary.

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