Stump Removal

Ashburn Tree offers Stump Removal to customers in the Ashburn area, including Lansdowne, Arcola, Cascades, Brambletone and Broadlands, either as a stand-alone service, or as part of a Tree Removal. Ashburn Tree can remove any size stump.

Ashburn Tree’s standard stump removal will remove stump and adjacent roots to a suitable depth to allow for covering with grass or mulch. Excess debris will be removed as necessary to leave a smooth area, with only a small mound. Some settling may occur later.

If a replacement tree will need to be planted in the same spot as the stump being removed, the removal work will need to be extended to a depth sufficient to accommodate the new planting. Be sure and discuss this when requesting a quote.

Surface roots can be removed using the same equipment as is used for stump removal. Ashburn tree may offer to remove surface roots adjacent to a stump, when preparing a quote. If you need extensive surface roots to be removed in conjunction with a stump removal, ask about addressing this when requesting a stump removal quote.

Utility marking service (Miss Utility) is sometimes required for a stump removal job. Ashburn Tree will make arrangements for utility marking at no additional cost.


Having a stump ground out is the final step to completely removing a tree from your yard. You’ll be able to restore grass or mulch bed where the removed tree was. If you are planning replace a tree in the same spot where a stump is to be removed, be sure to discuss this with the arborist when you ask for a quote or have a sales consult. There may be additional considerations to discuss and plan for.

Other benefits of stump removal include preventing termites, eliminating tripping hazards and avoiding drainage problems.

Contact Ashburn Tree today for stump grinding in Ashburn, VA and beyond.