Tree and HOA’s

Published November 8th, 2018 by Unknown

If you are thinking about getting tree work done you should consider HOA regulations. Restrictions and requirements by Homeowners Associations vary for trimming, removal, replacement and new planting. Many differentiate between what can be done in the front of the house versus the back. Where HOA permission is required, this is generally done by submitting an application. Application approvals may be done on a monthly cycle when the corresponding committee meets. It is best to be familiar with your HOA guidelines before doing any tree work.

Most HOAs allow, encourage, or even require basic trimming as a matter of good maintenance. Removing dead, diseased and hazardous trees is generally allowed, but often requires approval, and sometimes supporting documentation. Often it is required to replace trees that have died or have been removed. Sometimes there are specific guidelines as to the size and species of the replacement trees. For example if a maple tree in your front yard (a “street tree”) dies, the HOA will usually allow replacement with another maple tree without asking permission. A different species of “canopy tree” may be allowed with an application for modification. There may also be a size minimum such as “2 inch caliper”.

Working with an arborist who has experience dealing with associations can help. Ashburn Tree has assisted homeowners with hoa issues in Broadlands, Brambleton, Loudoun Valley Estates, Ashburn Farm, Ashburn Village and other local communities. Get in touch with Ashburn Tree for a free sales consult to begin the process of planning your next tree work project.


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